Mechanical Freeform Modeling Lesson 3

Lesson 3 : Extend your understanding of splines by using them to create Freeform bodies.

• Create Through Curves features using multiple section strings.
• Use a grid of curve strings to create Through Curve Mesh features.
• Create Swept bodies using section strings and guide strings.
• Create Variational Sweep features using multiple rails.

EP.16 Create Surface Using Through Curves 1
EP.17 Create Surface Using Through Curves 2
EP.18 Create Surface Using Ruled
EP.19 Create Surface Using Through Curves 3
EP.20 Create Surface Using Through Curve Mesh
EP.21 Swept
EP.22 Swept with Angle
EP.23 Swept and Section Orientation
EP.24 Variational Swept 1
EP.25 Create Brake Lever
EP.26 Variational Swept 2
EP.27 Modify Variational Swept Surface
EP.28 Variational Swept 3

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