Manufacturing Fundamental Lesson 5

Lesson 5 : Create Cavity Mill operations that take advantage of the In Process Workpiece (IPW).

• Understand the use of Cavity Mill operations.
• Create and modify various parent group objects in Cavity Mill operations.
• Apply the use of Cavity Mill operations to rough geometry from an unfinished to semi-finished condition.
• Create and use Tool objects.
• Understand the use of the Automatic Pattern Direction to optimize Cavity Mill operations.

EP.11 Cavity Mill
EP.12 Geomety
EP.13 Tool Axis and CutCom
EP.14 Feeds and Speeds
EP.15 Cut Levels
EP.16 Strategy
EP.17 Non Cutting Moves
EP.18 Tolerance and Clearance
EP.19 Collision Check
EP.20 Tool Program and Machine Control
EP.21 Option
EP.22 Rest Milling
EP.23 Adaptive Milling
EP.24 Plunge Milling

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