NX CAD Course Training Outline

Course Name : NX CAD Basic Design & Freeform Modeling

Course Duration : 3 Days

Course Outline :

Modeling Fundamental
– Opening and working with parts
– Getting to know the NX interface
– Creating parts with sketches
– Editing and manipulating sketches
– Sweeping geometry to create part features
– Creating and editing holes
– Creating and editing geometric relationships with formulas

Modeling Fundamental
– Creating datum geometry to support design intent
– Examining the structure of a model
– Trimming a solid body
– Creating and manipulating shell features
– Blending and chamfering edges
– Modifying geometry of imported parts

Free form Modeling
– Introduction to Mechanical Freeform
– Curves used for creating freeform features
– Edit Splines
– Curve Analysis
– Primary Sheets and Bodies
– Transitions sheet
– Face Analysis
– Working with sheets
– Sheets to solids

Drafting & Assembly
– Adding and positioning parts in an assembly
– Top-down design and Interpart Link
– Assembly sequence
– Creating simple drawing
– Dimension and Annotation
– Section view