Essential for NX Designer

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Lesson 1 : Introduces the NX user interface.

Lesson 2 : Introduces the methods of creating a sketch.

Lesson 3 : Introduces swept features that use a section string to define a solid

Lesson 4 : Introduces expressions which define characteristics of features.

Lesson 5 : Introduces the datum plane, datum axis, and datum CSYS reference features.

Lesson 6 : Introduces the edge operation commands to provide additional definition to the edges of a model.

Lesson 7 : Introduces tools to examine features, model construction, and physical properties.

Lesson 8 : Explains additional sketch editing methods.

Lesson 9 : Introduces the Trim Body command to define the topology of a solid body.

Lesson 10 : Introduces draft and offsets to define profiles for swept features.

Lesson 11 : Introduces the general hole feature

Lesson 12 : Introduces the Shell command

Lesson 13 : Introduces workflows for copying and patterning associative features, and mirroring solid bodies in a model

Lesson 14 : Introduces editing techniques using Synchronous Modeling

Lesson 15 : Introduces the Assemblies application

Lesson 16 : Introduces commands to add components to an assembly, move components, and define associative relationships between components

Lesson 17 : Introduces the Drafting application and the master model concept